Drone Surveys

Drone surveys are just one of the innovations that we have embraced as a company.

Whether we are investigating roofing issues, carrying out property inspections or site surveys, looking for access points for large scale sites or surveying repairs and maintenance works, drone surveys are an incredibly safe, time-saving and cost-effective. Our aim is to deliver a professional service with every take-off and landing.

We work with chartered surveyors and consultants, allowing us to translate our drone inspections into building condition reports for any works that we need to carry out for our clients.

At McGregor Projects we use qualified drone pilots with enviable experience in carrying out a wide range of UAS operations. We hold permission for commercial operations (PFCO) from the Civil Aviation authority (CAA). SAUS pilots have extensive knowledge of Airspace and operation principles allowing a safe and controlled environment.

We work to the highest standards in safety and have a clear understanding of Scottish airspace laws and professional practice in the following:
Flight skills
Site safety assessments
Unmanned Arial Systems (UAS) systems
Airspace and aviation safety
Aerodrome restrictions
Operating principles

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